Friday, 5 October 2007


This 2 week is very hectic for me as I am trying to meet the demand especially from Aishah for her order. 5 pcs of dragon furit cheese cake,10 pcs of choc cake, 6 set of cup cakes. Luckily she wanted by batches kalau tak boleh pengsan akak... wakakkaka kira pecah record la tidur pukul 4/5 pagi nak siapkan order nie... Tapi berbaloi bila Aishah and hubby really like it. They love the presentation and the Taste! (nie yang semangat nie...)

Apart from that, sempat jugak buatkan order utk Azlina, 12 pcs choc cup cakes and 1 blueberry cheese cake.

1st batch Wed (03/10)

5 pcs of Dragon fruit cheese cake

2nd batch.... (04/10)

Deco nie belum siap sepenuhnya... i used edible image for the name.

3rd batch(Friday 05/10)
Aishah came to my house late Thursday night(dtg dgn hamper from Mark & Spencer for me) .Thank you dear...
We decided that she overnight at my hse.. senang sikit nak hantar those cake to S.A.
All the choc cake below is decorated by Aishah (yang jadi tukang tabur walnut and pistachio...)