Saturday, 22 May 2010


Dah lama tak update blog sbb bz yg amatzzz anyway, layan la gambar2 nie yer..

Vanilla and choc cupcakes utk Hari IBU

Cupcake nie di tempah oleh K.Yati on behalf kawan satu office nya di KPJ.  Terima kasih daun keladi. .kalau sedap order la lagi ..

Cupcake yang ditempah oleh Sue dari Menara TM utk Big Boss
Thansk Sue...


Rondell said...

OMG put one in my mouth! LOL

Anonymous said...

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Annah said...

Grrrr I LOVE CUPCAKES. Yours are too beautiful to eat

Te5 said...

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Gelukkig said...

I think you have art in your hands. I love the way you left all your desserts! Go ahead.

poesie e arte said...

ma quanta fantasia,poi dall'aspetto devono essere buoni