Friday, 23 July 2010

Fondant Cupcakes

Vanila Fondant cupcake ordered by Ery for her engagement. Thanks Ery dan selamat bertunang yer..

Choc fondant cupcake ordered by Ani my regular customer.. Ani.. Thanks for your support..


Real Life Reslers said...

What beautiful cupcakes! I have never tried working with fondant. They look adorable!

Lyza said...

Hi Trinity,

Thanks for dropping by.. you should try with fondant.. it's fun!

suheil said...

mmmmmmmmmm mama mia beautiful cupcakes

Andi said...

Wow, those look AMAZING!!! Also, I started a blog today and I'm hoping for a few loyal readers, so please check it out, give me feedback, and tell your friends if you like it!! It would mean a lot to me.

Im gonna update almost everyday so make sure to check back!! Also, this is NOT meant to be spam.

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

These cupcakes are so adorable! :-D

-French Bean